We are instructed in connection with a wide range of domestic, commercial, and business disputes, including shareholder and partnership disputes, contentious insolvency, director liability claims and contractual disputes.

If the commencement of litigation is unavoidable, then we have significant experience in the strategic planning of the case in the most cost-efficient way and are renowned for the quality of our preparation of a claim and the intensity with which we engage with our opponent. We place significant emphasis upon practical commercial advice.

Not all disputes will end up with the commencement of litigation. Mindful of the costs, the time taken to litigate, and the impact which litigation inevitably has on the continuation of the client’s business, we will always explore an alternative route to settle a dispute. Mediation is an informal and consensual process which has proven to be tremendously successful in resolving disputes and can produce an extremely cost-effective and speedy resolution which can often preserve ongoing working relationships which may otherwise prove impossible if proceedings are commenced.

In avoiding the commencement of proceedings, we are often engaged to consider strategy and tactics in crisis management.